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It could do with more polishing up but if you're like me and want to see more experimentation with new browser engines, I've just curated a great place for you to start:

Make sure to read the README (though I should inline that):

I'd love to hear back from some of you with more projects to add to this list, however small!

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Microsoft loves open source like a tapeworm loves a healthy gut biome.

The buster release files have been signed off by the Release Managers! #releasingDebianBuster

Let it be known that, should I not awake from my severely drunk slumber, it was a pleasure to be here tonight.

Now we just need an AWS outage. Imagine the headlines: 80% of the internet is down today because 3 megacorps fucked up

The internet's other large singular basket of eggs is down

Oh, #Cloudflare was having issues and brought a lot of websites down with it? That's not great.

But thankfully it's not that hard to roll out your own "DDoS protection" (or caching; just call it caching) setup. Here, you can even use our configs:

Yes, we use them in production, serving sometimes hundreds of thousands views per day.

Patches welcome. #SysAdmin

in the final episode of HBO's chilling miniseries "Cloudflare", a distributed systems engineer explains to the investigative committee that although Cloudflare recklessly sought a market dominance that made the web brittle and fragile, it was in fact the broader capitalist context that made it wise for them to do so. only the telecom lobby understands the gravity of the accusation, and endeavors successfully to blackball the engineer as a hopeless political radical.

It's performance review time tomorrow and I'm completely shitfaced rn. Gonna have a great time determining what my goals are for the next year I'm sure. Also, a raise would be nice but God knows I'm not getting one. 😂

IPA makes me poop
Coffee makes me poop

What's a boy supposed to drink?

What's that, running your own servers is lower cost and much easier to service?

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