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so set up a new unbound VM so I could log DNS traffic from my iPhone to see which of the iOS apps that I use regularly use the Facebook SDK

so far I have:
- Lastpass
- Transit
- Spotify

though all of this is making DNS queries for not

I don't know if the Facebook SDK on iOS uses a different hostname or what

After the #35c3 talk "How Facebook tracks you on Android" it becomes clear that we really need a #FLOSS app that automatically, periodically resets the #Google Ad ID.
Go Android devs!

The reception at the NH hotel next to the #35c3 just told me their entire IT systems are down. Not even logging in to the wifi works anymore. Probably just a coincidence...

@igeljaeger imagine spending more than 10 minutes on an installation

made by debian gang

Listening live to some of the talks on the road to Leipzig.

We just met our first fundraising milestone of $1k out of $5k today! Thanks to your help, the Tor onion has now made its way to Europe.

Just $3,941 more to go, and we'll release a surprise: #OnionTravels

Sure, sex is good, but have you tried repairing a disposable consumer trinket beyond its planned obsolescence?

"JavaScript growth and third parties" by Steve Souders

"JavaScript is the main cause for making websites slow. [Compared to 7 years ago, ] 1st-party JS doubled from 53 KB to 106 KB. 3rd-party JS octupled (!) from 32 KB to 258 KB."

What's most remarkable is that this happened even with the rise of bundlers, which effectively make 3rd-party JS "look" like 1st-party. In other words, that 1st-party growth is probably node_modules; the 3rd-party growth is ads/trackers/???.

Purging media files on my mastodon instance because y'all is shitposting too much. Thanks for the tip, @xvilo

Watch #Google announce a "ContentID for small businesses as a service, so that everyone can comply with Article13". And just like that, not only do they know who from where visits what website, but now also what they upload there.

This could be used in all sorts of ways, in order to build a further profile of you even if you try to avoid Google itself, to blackamil you if you anywhere, ever infringed copyright, to prevent anyone from storing 'leaks' anywhere etc.

Scary times.

me: My toots are unparalleled, i am a prodigy, when i die my works will be as revered as those of socrates

also me: yeet your meat through the toilet seat

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