"I am Richard Stallman, inventor of the original much-imitated EMACS editor, now at the Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT."

Konami is releasing a TurboGrafx / PC Engine Mini. What the fuck.

I'd hate to say it, but this DOOM game looks too colorful for some reason and the new HUD is not an improvement. Why a compass?

@jwisser I think the style is most definitely of its time and should probably not be revived, similar to how Duke Nukem should just never come back. Those games only make sense in context and the style (both visual style AND tone) is most definitely dated. You need a really good team and pitch make something that does that justice. And at best it will appeal to a very specific demographic.

They just dreamed up something new to appeal to a new, phone using generation.

Bethesda manages to pull the most obnoxious audience every time.

@jeff I thought everyone was naked on fedi? I can assure you, I am!

Shoutout to KDE for being helpful, friendly, collaborative people instead of the turboshit approach favored by a certain other team

Since you only get a game license, the irony of Destiny on Google Stadia is that you're not in charge of your own Destiny.

@vantablack as much as it's annoying, this request likely comes from a place of love, appreciation or attachment. It doesn't hurt to indulge them. Otherwise, kindly decline and give them a different gift that they will remember fondly.

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the only thing wrong with dark mode is that most dark modes are insufficiently high contrast

Fediverse challenge, don't talk meta for a week. I'm taking it, tag your friends.

Some of us just defend free speech and accept that there will always be people who we don't agree with. Not condoning white supremacy but shouldn't have to say so for fear of being brow beaten.

@natecull it's nice to see it still has its audience, although I personally have more fond memories of the 2d animated film from 1989.

@natecull as an adult there's really not much there to keep your interest. It's a really 1:1 retelling of a story that we've already read and seen. No amount of Mark Rylance motion capture is going to impress us at this point, and the little girl's performance was quite annoying. It lacked urgency/danger. I can appreciate a slow film, but here, pacing is never in its favor. Just my opinion.

I guess kids were more interested in Finding Dory, which came out around the same time.

you know what we need? federated YTMND.
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