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Been putting off for a while now, so here goes.

I'm just a dude from the Netherlands. By day I'm a frontend developer at a hosting provider, by night I'm either watching movies, playing videogames or working on silly programming projects.

I have a modest collection of videogame systems and games, of which the Philips CD-i is my favorite. I care about the libre/open source software, games preservation and digital rights.

I listen and enjoy vaporwave unironically. :mike64:

So uuh. How do I switch to Pleroma. Do I just make an export of my mastodon, tell everyone they can find me on my Pleroma install?

Or is "getting a new novelty domain" a requirement. :thinkhappy:

We published a statement on our stance on neutrality of free software (and why we won't stay neutral in this case):

unpopular opinion: we should all be nicer to each other

edit: wow reddit i can't believe this blew up so much

edit2: thanks for the gold kind stranger!
I need a cute japanese girl to whisper 'freespeechextremist dot com' into my ear

If your business model depends on your customers, or the public, not finding out about something, you're probably being "evil".

Google: Don't search for "human rights"

> 'Blacklisted search terms on a prototype of the search engine include “human rights,” “student protest,” and “Nobel Prize” in Mandarin, said sources familiar with the project.'

Tried to launch #sway and got this:

"Proprietary Nvidia drivers are NOT supported. Use Nouveau. To launch sway anyway, launch with --my-next-gpu-wont-be-nvidia and DO NOT report issues."

It must be one of the best error message I've seen.

@Gargron @kaniini Well looks like the same point made about Pleroma now has to be made about Mastodon.

The users of the software does not equal the software itself or its creators.

People of the fediverse, hear my simple appeal to logic. Lots of bad actors use Apache and NGINX, two very popular web service packages. Does that mean its developers are nazis, and anyone who uses these web daemons are nazi supporters?

Bad actors are always going to use good software.

The #Tusky people seems to be unhappy about #TuskyUncensored to be a GPL-compliant software so they can not report it for GPL violation.

And they are reporting #Mastodon client that works with #newgab for Google Play policy violation.

I am just a Chinese guy living in Japan, I have not been to the fucking America yet. Being born in China, I know the importance of absolute free speech is so much more important than difference between left and right.

All Japanese Mastodon clients are not blocking #Gab, including Subway Tooter by Mr.Tateisu, a very well made client with support for push notification with FCM, which #Tusky refuse to implement.

Also made by Mixi K.K. in Japan.

You guys should really try to take down those #WhiteSupremacist #Nazi apps made by Japanese right?

Thank those people in the #Tusky Team (mostly white) trying to force us, the coloured developers in Asia to comply with their view of #AmericanPolitics. Such an excellent way to combat #AmericanExceptionalism and #WhiteSupremacism .

Reminder that not only are Electron apps slow, but they also rely on proprietary software (portions of the chromium codebase). Atom, VSCodium, Riot "Desktop", are all guilty of this. All of them ping home to Google because of this.

Also related: There is nothing cross platform or native about releasing your web app in a little Google Chrome window. Frankly, that's just a deceptive claim. If it can be locally run in a browser, release it that way so the user can use their own browser.

Hey girl, I like your post. We should federate.

Free Software Communism is now Free Software Fascism.

Yeah sex is cool but have you tried an original IBM PC power switch *clunk* #retrocomputing

by the way instances which participate in transparency (right now Pleroma instances only) can use to find out what instances are believed to block yours.

we are working on extending transparency to the various Mastodon forks through NodeInfo. if you want to see transparency in Mastodon, get Gargron to add NodeInfo support today, as we're trying to have a mostly standardized reporting format.
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