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Been putting off for a while now, so here goes.

I'm just a dude from the Netherlands. By day I'm a frontend developer at a hosting provider, by night I'm either watching movies, playing videogames or working on silly programming projects.

I have a modest collection of videogame systems and games, of which the Philips CD-i is my favorite. I care about the libre/open source software, games preservation and digital rights.

I listen and enjoy vaporwave unironically. :mike64:

Sure, sex is good, but have you tried repairing a disposable consumer trinket beyond its planned obsolescence?

"JavaScript growth and third parties" by Steve Souders

"JavaScript is the main cause for making websites slow. [Compared to 7 years ago, ] 1st-party JS doubled from 53 KB to 106 KB. 3rd-party JS octupled (!) from 32 KB to 258 KB."

What's most remarkable is that this happened even with the rise of bundlers, which effectively make 3rd-party JS "look" like 1st-party. In other words, that 1st-party growth is probably node_modules; the 3rd-party growth is ads/trackers/???.

Purging media files on my mastodon instance because y'all is shitposting too much. Thanks for the tip, @xvilo

Watch #Google announce a "ContentID for small businesses as a service, so that everyone can comply with Article13". And just like that, not only do they know who from where visits what website, but now also what they upload there.

This could be used in all sorts of ways, in order to build a further profile of you even if you try to avoid Google itself, to blackamil you if you anywhere, ever infringed copyright, to prevent anyone from storing 'leaks' anywhere etc.

Scary times.

me: My toots are unparalleled, i am a prodigy, when i die my works will be as revered as those of socrates

also me: yeet your meat through the toilet seat

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Google managed to introduce YET ANOTHER SECURITY HOLE into G+, so they're shutting down the consumer version EVEN FASTER. This tells me that they're unwilling to put effort into software that doesn't make them money, so we should expect to see security holes and surprise shutdowns in everything except Search and Ads.

I just want to sleep and be rid of this flu.

If you were an adult content artist looking for an alternative to Tumblr, where would you go?

"Tumblr will permanently ban adult content from its platform on December 17th" and immediately lose majority of its visitors and traffic

2FA: make sure you double check with your partner before they are taken off.

It feels like every application at once decided that I do not have agency as a person and can't be trusted to install the updates myself, and forcing me to keep my hands off my computer for 30 minutes, because it's literally locking up.

This i7-6700k/GTX1080 runs Linux 99% of the time, and performs like a dream. There should be no reason for it to devolve into ass just because everything wants updates as soon as I run it.

Booting into windows for the first time in about two months triggered the OS and every app installed on it to update, completely maxing both network and disk io.

Can't wake up in panic in the middle of the night if you stay up til the middle of the night.

Today I noticed how incapable I am in an open office space when I don't have my noise cancelling headphones.

“Just use :focus styles, damnit“

This is me. I’m a mouse and keyboard user and find it really helpful to always know where the focus is (and which pages I’ve visited for that matter).

So so many modern web design trends obfuscate state (no focus indicator) or your interaction history (no visited indicator for links).

These are two hugely beneficial usability features that the platform provides for free but developers go out of their way to disable

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